Our conversation about the last post:


Josh: That's a nice post. Where are you going to get a lip ring?

Jennifer: Oh, I decided to forgo the whole lip ring thing.

Josh: You can get one, but I just don't find it sexy.

Jennifer: That's why I decided to forgo it. How about a nose ring?

Joshua: (with a sneaky smile): How about a nipple ring?

Jennifer (in retaliation): How about a scrotum ring?

Joshua (shrugs): Well?. . . if it benefits me. . .

Jennifer rolls her eyes and walks out of the room.

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SAHM I am said...

I have my tongue pierced. It didn't hurt and is concealed easily. Also, it will grow closed quickly without a scar if I decide to get rid of it but its been 10 years and I still love it.