Poop Hooves


See that thing between Pikachu's paws? It a poop hoof, appropriately named for it's nauseating smell. When he chews on them, Josh and I often wonder if someone has passed gas. He obsessively chews on the hooves so much that they seem to seep from his pores. For about a year, there were none to be found in our house, or so we thought.

About two days ago, I pulled a blanket out of our closet and a hoof dropped to the ground. It has not left Pikachu's sight since. He even took it outside tonight when he went potty. While Pikachu relieved himself, he placed it on the ground just so that he could pick it up again and carry it around.

We don't really like Pikachu to have any of those damn poop hooves, but how can we keep away something that brings such enjoyment to his life?

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SAHM I am said...

It seems the stinkier the better when it comes to dogs. Mojo's so bad we can't tell which end of him smells worse sometimes.