I've certainly had one hell of a day.

Let's just say that I am at work doing my lovely job when the supervisor of the kitchen asks me to call and verify a room number for a patient. That's not a problem. I do so cordially, talking to a inattentive unit secretary. I promptly process the order, and tell her we are going to send it right out. About an hour later my boss calls me to demand what went on with the whole situation. The unit secretary that I just spoke with told our Vice President (of a rather prominent hospital in the area ,mind you) that I refused to take her order. I proceeded to explain the situation to my boss and she promptly went to the secretary's department and talked with her. Apparently, the secretary was actually upset because I called to ask what room number I was supposed to send that patient's food to.

Ummm... I kind of need to know where to send the freakin' food.

If she were doing her job correctly in the first place, then I definitely would not have had to have a conversation with her at all.

Second, if you have a problem with someone do you go directly to the president of the company?

NO! You speak to their supervisor and move up the chain of commands from there.

This woman definitely over stepped her boundaries! The thing is, it was over something that was not even a problem. So that makes it my problem and now I am sad.

What exactly can I learn from this situation?


I definitely know that there's no use crying over spilled milk. I worry too much anyway. If I get fired over something that I didn't even do, then I don't really want to work for that kind of company anyway. I know the truth. That's all the matters.

Life's unfair. No matter how hard I try to make it fair, sometimes Josh is going to get more MnM's out of the bag than me. That is true in everyday life as well.

I also have to try my best to be nice civil professional to people, even when they are shitty to me. I really wanted to pierce a voodoo doll with needles in retaliation. I'd love to wait for her in the parking lot and give her a tongue lashing, but instead I realize that this unit secretary probably leads a miserable existence. Although I am a part of her wrath, I don't have to get even. I'm pretty sure that there is such a thing as Karma anyway; she'll get hers eventually.


SAHM I am said...

The best revenge is a happy life.

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

What an aggravating thing to have happen! I agree with you though - no point in taking it personal as she ended up looking foolish and probably feels fairly crappy about the whole thing.

Emily said...

What a PITA.

I hate that life can be unfair like that. I just hate it. :(

Anonymous said...

What a poop!