Meet Domestic Jen:

On Saturday, I had this wonderful spread waiting for Mr. Burns when he arrived from work. It was like a scene from Leave it to Beaver.

Wrapped carefully in my voodoo apron, I epitomize the role of 1950's housewife.

My lovely table setting with un-matching plates, and folded paper towels.
It was picturesque.

Le Menu:
Pan-seared lamb medallions in a pepper burgundy sauce paired with
a lightly toasted pita,
feta sprinkles,
a cucumber aioli sauce,
and fresh greens.


stljoie said...

looks and sounds wonderful...have you thought about posting recipes?

Misty said...

amazing! Though I don't eat lamb, I can tell the effort and elegance you put in to it and that greatly impresses me!

Jo said...


Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

tres gourmet! sounds delicious! (Did you post the recipe for the lamb on your Bakespace? I better go check!)

AMEN said...

i'll have mine with the cab-sav, please, and something rich for desert perhaps? i love lamb, freaking love it. the greeks were GENIUS!