Schafly Bottlworks and Soulard

On Sunday, Josh and I woke up early. It was just in time to meander our way to Schlafly Bottleworks before Tour De Soulard Race.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Farmer's Platter together.

It was lovely! It had cold sausages (lamb, andouille, bison bratwurst) and cheeses (smoked gouda, Muenster, Provolone); served with freshly baked beer biscuits, mango chutney and smoke-roasted garlic. Josh and I had a really fun time trying different combinations of each.

Then we tasted this salad with sesame encrusted tuna medallions on top of our house lettuce with tomatoes, sesame-roasted cashews and creamy sesame dressing.

This was the very first time I tried raw tuna. It was good, but a bit of an overload.

I couldn't resist getting drunk on root beer.

Josh and his Coffee Stout. Go figure. Coffee is Josh.

Then we attended Tour De Soulard. It was a nice race, but we were both grumpy.

This is Mike Leistner in red. He is the first cyclist we have encountered over the years. We are glad that we finally got a chance to see him race.


Misty said...

although quite the sushi fan, the raw tuna was a bit much for me to even look at. As long as it's cooked, I am all for trying new things though and this looks yummy! (less the tuna, of course)

Mom2fur said...

I have to admire you for trying raw tuna. I know it's safe, but there's just something about raw fish that bugs me. (I did once eat steak tartare, but that was about 30 years ago and I wouldn't do it now.) My daughter, on the other loves sushi and even makes it sometimes.
Drunk on rootbeer--LOL!

Miss Steffy said...

Oh my god...wait till you here about ohio...lets just say i ended up with six IT nerd guys in their apartment completely drunk and playing Risk...get back to me..

Hi, I'm Italia. said...

That's so awesome that you miss my blogs! I'll totally get back on it. Glad you care! xoxo~ Italia