Almost My first day:

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I started my new job on Monday, kind of. I have been in orientation for the last two days, and will be working in my department tomorrow. I am so freakin' excited I could scream!

I was really, really nervous. I had to take a sleeping pill just to make it through the night.

I spent about an hour assembling myself, after I woke up. The first outfit didn't quite workout because the shirt had a hole in the back and the pants were too long to wear with flats. It was a super cute outfit in my head, but I didn't fret. I have a whole closet full of clothes.

When I pulled in I accidentally picked my foot of off the brake and hit the edge of the parking garage. The car is just fine; I was going two mile per hour. The things that I do are just so silly.

Some of my other thoughts:
1. I have to park on the third floor of the parking garage, walk a half a mile, go down two elevators into an office in the basement kitchen of the Heart Hospital. I am never, ever, ever wearing HEELS again. Ever.

2. Everyone there is so friendly and nice, unlike my previous situation. I am really thankful for that.

3. It's really weird (and almost refreshing) working for a faith based organization. They have prayer. There are nuns. Stef you would be mortified.

4. I am not going to have as much patient contact as I would have liked. I really think that I would enjoy working in a clinical setting.

5. I am interesting in infection control. I never thought I would be. I have never listened to a word that Josh has ever said about bacteria. About a month ago, Josh gave me a lecture about all of it, and I WAS INTERESTED. These damn bacteria keep coming up more and more. I am so interested. Is there a book where I can read more? (Shh....don't tell anyone.)

6. I feel so cool walking down the halls with my name badge on. Yep.

I don't know if I will ever fully fit in anywhere. But, I do know that the hospital has done there very best to try to make me feel at home in the two short days I have been there. I think that I will be there for quite a long time. So wish me luck on my Real first day tomorrow.


Miss Steffy said...

You looked gorgeous! Just tell the nuns "they are wasting their time, love Stef"....They'll know what your talking about. Muwhahah

Misty said...

you looked great! fabulous trousers! I am so glad it is working out! its so tough to find a job that feels right...