Tick Tock, Tick Tock.

In the beginning of February, I hastily applied to a couple of jobs when Miss Steffy announced that she was not going to be a McDonald's manager anymore. I was a little frightened, and scared of change. I really wasn't ready to find another job for many reasons. I never even thought that either of them would call me. They both did, but I only felt like one was the right fit.

So Last Friday, I had an interview at Saint Johns Mercy for a nutrition assistant position. This is my dream job. The hospital has a room service program where patients order food, and then it is delivered to them. I would be taking their order, delivering snacks, and making sure that their dietary needs are met.

For years, I have been looking for a direction to take my career. Dietitian was definitely on the list. This would take me in the right direction and allow me to gain experience in that field.

It is my opportunity of a life time.

Then on Monday I had a second interview where I met with the department head. She all but said that I was a good fit, and definitely a contender. However, she has four more internal interviews to do.

This is what I have been fretting over. And now it's the waiting game.

I really hope that I do get this job. But, if I don't life goes on. I have a decent (used loosely) job. I am really blessed to have a wonderful husband, and three great pets. I am going back to school. I have a lot of free time. I can go on an on.

It's just... I don't want to wait. It makes me CRAZY. I seriously keep looking for signs. Like, the clover patch outside of my door. That has to mean that I have this job! :-)

And, I am trying to keep my good Karma in line. I just don't want to jinx it.

So, Thanks for wishing me luck. I should know by next week. Until then, keep the good vibes coming.


Misty said...

I love it when potential dream opportunities come to be! I am headed back to work in the fall and really hoping to find the "best fit"... It's so important that all areas of your life are grounded and ones to promote balance with the rest of your life!
I am keeping me fingers super crossed for you!

Jo said...

That would be a great job! I hope you get it. Good Luck again!