Downtown on the Chinatown Express

Josh and I have a Chinese restaurant that we eat at on a semi-regular basis. They have a buffet. However, we generally don't eat off of it because nothing looks fresh.

Today, we ordered our usual of 2 egg rolls, soup, steamed dumplings, and Sesame chicken with white rice.

I got up to use the restroom, and discovered that the waitress was getting our egg rolls off of the buffet.

How horrifying! And, unacceptable.

Don't you think that if we would have wanted to order off of the buffet then we would have?

To Josh's slight dismay, I promptly went back to the table, grabbed my coat, and left.

Josh apologized, but I somehow think that it should have been them apologizing to us.

(Instead, we ordered another place's take-out and went back home to watch Wedding Crashers. So, it turned out okay anyway.)


Sara said...

Yuck! I don't blame you for leaving. That happened to us once, but luckily the food on the buffet was fresh.

Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

I thought i was the only one who was this picky...I'm glad i'm not! I don't understand places like that...Don't they get that not all of us like the thought of buffets? All the germs that are being projected all over the food by over enthusiastic close-talkers! (that's people that talk too close to the food)Hehe.

Nice blog, it's my first time here. If you like mine, we could swap links:-)