Nothing can Rain on This Parade

Saturday morning is by far my favorite morning in the world. After I get off work, I come home and wake Josh up to go to the Farmer's market.

However, it has been pouring down rain for hours and my hopes were low. I took a quick swing by before going home and low and behold there was a parking lot full of booths.

Dawning umbrellas Josh and I made our trek to Main Street. We came out with some pretty amazing things:

Sweet Yellow
Peaches, the sweetest I've ever tasted
Orange Tomato
Purple Eggplant
Patty Pan Squash
String Beans

All of this a little over ten dollars. It's even more sensational that all of this produce is locally grown, and some of it's organic.

That's way better than what you find at your grocery store.

I must say that I was pretty perplexed by that Patty Pan Squash. It was shaped like a UFO. I didn't necessarily know what to think of it, but the farmer assured me that it was delicious baked and seasoned with herbs. What would you make of something shaped like this?

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